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Foqus Music Television is a highly sought-after Music Television Network Channel with a global reach. Its primary objective is to promote rising artists worldwide and offer a platform for musicians from all genres to showcase their music. Notably, Foqus Music Television does not charge artists for music submissions or promotional activities on the network. The channel can be accessed through various cable outlets, IPTV, DTV and OTT platforms.

To cater to changing viewer preferences and rising cable prices, Foqus Music Television is actively encouraging people to download their FOQUS TV APP or watch on our website stream. The relaunch of the app will be the primary outlet for the network channel. As a privately-owned network, Foqus Music Television prides itself on not promoting any narratives, political agendas, or religious affiliations. The channel is solely dedicated to playing exceptional music created by all types of artists.

The FOQUS TV APP offers pay-per-view services, allowing festivals and promoters to tap into a global audience for enhanced viewers and profit utilizing our PAY-PER-VIEW abilities. This feature enables them to expand their reach and showcase their events to a wider viewership. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Foqus Music Television has gained recognition from the United Nations as the premier music channel for EarthDay 50 Live. We are endorsed by United Festival Organization, World Peace One and and awarded Best Emurging Music Television Network by Media Innovators. The channel has been granted permission to broadcast in 195 countries due to its commitment to avoiding political, religious, and harmful content. Foqus Music Television stands out as a platform that solely focuses on promoting good music and talented artists. Watch and become a believer in new music being released that is not getting the recognition it deserves. We provide this for everyone to experience the music that truly deserved to be heard. Now adding more shows, interviews and more!

  • Language : English
  • Subtitles : English
  • Audio Languages : English
  • Genre : Music, Documentary
  • Run Time : 24hr 00 mins
  • Release Date : 2021