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Welcome to Foqus Music Television! We are a dedicated network channel dedicated to providing music exposure to those who want their music heard. This pandemic has music and talented musical people limited to obtaining exposure, feeling the vibe of a crowd and allowing those creative juices explore new sounds. Well that wait is over with the new dedicated channel for music. We need your music videos to help us give you the exposure you deserve. We are extremely proud to outline that we have collected many professional athletes, celebrities and music industry people to become VJ's and use their amazing social media following to attract viewers to the channel.

Because we are the official broadcaster of Earthday 50 Live, a concert that will be potentially live in February with an expected 3.5 BILLION people watching, we can provide you with a global market. We provide the ultimate outlet for music to 195 countries world wide that our network is working directly with the United Nations to help us get this live broadcast of the concert to benefit all others in the music industry. Our goal, is only to provide you the best in promotional exposure we can provide with top VJ's for added attraction.
What else can you do to help us get this message out? Well, we will be launching this channel here shortly and when we do, we need music videos to be used in the daily line up. This will also be FREE for a trail period to show the world what we have put together and the VJ's supporting music in a big way. Let all work together to provide the world with something other then virus news or elections. Something that can unite the world.

We will be providing this on ROKU for a limited time for FREE, we will then place it on our Ace Media TV app that can be downloaded via any app store and available on all devices. You can watch the Press conference and see that Ace Media Broadcasting will be listed at one of the only companies worldwide that will be covering this concert which will attract many people globally to where your music can be heard anywhere in the world. Gain new fans by simply sending us your music video.


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